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      Box Breaks are an affordable way to collect Sports Cards for a fraction of the cost of buying a box.

      Our site makes it very simple to find your favorite boxes and purchase a spot in them or purchase the entire box.

      You will receive all cards from your team that are pulled from the boxes and every card will be sleeved and toploaded.


      What happens after I buy?

      Our breaks are completely randomized and done via Instagram live after you claim your spot once the break is filled we will make an announcement to keep you informed on when the break is going to happen to tune in and will see the teams you get after the randomizer is complete.

      Where and when is the break?

      Our box breaks are always done via Instagram Live and posted on Instagram after completion in case you were not able to join the live. All breaks are scheduled and guaranteed to break and we post on our social media to keep you informed on when and where the breaks will happen.

      What happens if I don’t get a card?

      We pride ourselves on sending all of our members the cards pulled via breaks. If you were to not receive a card that was pulled under your teams via randomizer contact us and we will resolve it immediately.

      Why are teams priced differently?

      If a break is being done team style it will be specified in the description. Some teams have more value than others depending on the sport. Make sure before checking out if you want a specific team that you have selected it since they vary in price.

      Does Miami Box Breaks keep any teams?

      No. We consider the boxes we break as a service to our clients and want everyone to have an equal opportunity to pull the best cards. We want to be transparent with our clients and taking ownership of specific teams would nullify that. Less desirable teams if it is a team break will sometimes go on discount to close breaks so keep an eye out on that!

      Styles of Breaks

      Team Break Simply pick your team and you get all of the cards pulled from the break with that team. Prices vary per team.

      Random Break All prices are the same per spot and you will receive two randomized teams per spot purchased to be determined via randomizer. This is done via on Instagram Live.

      Random Division Break Similar to the random break except instead of specific teams being randomized it is randomized via division. Each card pulled from the division you own will be shipped to you.

      Draft Style One of our favorite types of breaks. All names are randomized after purchasing your spot and whoever is on the top gets first to pick of the team of their choice. All teams are available for the first pick unless otherwise noted in the description of the break. A group will be created where each person in the break can select their teams and the remaining teams will be randomized including if there are any teams that are locked.

      Hit Style Every spot purchased guarantees a hit, it is also randomized in terms of what comes out of the box. After randomization, you will know which spot you have. For example, after random you are in spot 4 you will get the 4th card that comes out of the box.

      What happens after the break?

      Please allow 5-10 business days to receive your pulls. We ship via USPS and each card is placed in penny sleeves, and top loaders. The cards then get shipped in bubble mailers via USPS First Class Mail.

      You will be notified via email with your tracking number. Orders valued over $500 will be sent with Signature Confirmation to ensure delivery was received by the consumer.